Random gathering of things and stuff.

Random stuff was purchased this month, mostly due to sales and the opening of a new (and the only) retro game shop in my town.

The classic, purchased at my local shop for cheap and the disk and case are in near mint condition!

Somehow this one has eluded me so I decided to pick up a copy, not the greatest game but Sonic…

A homebrew of the arcade game released for Wreck it Ralph, lot’s of fun!

A bit redundant as I own the Wii U version but they added a ton of little things that make this version of the game unique, the Amiibo is perfect and Poochy is my favorite new Nintendo character in a long time.

This was on sale at GameStop for cheap, I have not played a SF game in awhile so I am hoping that this sequel lives up to past games.

Retro Gamer Annual, why not..

I decided to start picking up Blu-ray copies of my favorite Anime, Amazon had this on sale for $6.99 so it was the perfect time to start the collection.

My focus will be on Ghibli classics, but this was too good of a deal to pass up.

Barnes & Noble had an Image Comics sale running, buy two Image comics and get the third for free. I have read great things about this series so I picked this up along with Saga Volumes 5 & 6, I am still on Volume 4 but being one of my favorite series I will definitely get back on track and caught up.


Chrono Trigger is awesome, and Comics is what happened.

It has been quite on this front as I was pretty sick for almost two weeks, now that I am feeling better I wanted to share some of my latest additions in both the gaming and graphic novel spaces.


Chrono Trigger the JRPG masterpiece from the SNES was remastered and released for the DS, Amazon has new copies on sale for less than $20.00 so I had to grab a copy of one of my favorite games of all time.


I finally picked up Volume 4 of Saga as well as 5 other Volume One releases for various comics that I have been wanting to read such as Low, Descender, East of West, Pretty Deadly and Tokyo Ghost!



Zelda & Mega Man return! #Zelda #TwiLightPrincess #twilightprincesshd #MegaMan #megamanlegacycollection #amiibo

Several weeks have gone by since my last post and a few new items have arrived, don’t forget to check me out on both Twitter and Instagram as I post there frequently with updates on my Zelda journey!


Twilight Princess HD, many people see this as their favorite game in the series. I can’t wait to progress to this game and give it a go.



The bundled amiibo, it is heavier and feels sturdier than most amiibo and the attention to details is pretty good for the cost.



Mega Man Legacy Collection, a fantastic collection package that contains tons of extras!



The amiibo is using the same mold as the Smash figure unfortunately.


The game and amiibo also come with 6 post cards with really nice Mega Man artwork!


Sad story time.. I cleared Woodfall Temple, rescued all of the faeries and was on my way back to return the Deku Princess when I had to close my 3DS before continuing another day. Unfortunately I forgot to plug in my 3DS when I got home from work as I usually do and this morning found that it had died due to a drained battery. 🙁

Awesome Temple and now that I know all of the mechanics I can rush back through it but would rather have spent that time doing new quests, oh well.



DC Comics sent me these comics to read and review on Goodreads, I will likely get to them over the next two weeks and post my thoughts there.

So much goodness! #ocarinaoftime #oot #zelda #briankVaughan #Pokemon #AnimalCrossing

Hello all, another week has gone by and while work has kept me incredibly busy I still managed to get in some OOT time. I cleared the Water Temple (ugh) and am now about 1/2 way through the Shadow Temple, clearly Halloween inspired.  🙂




Another puzzle down, this looks really nice framed! Now that this is done I may move on the the Mario Kart 8 puzzle that Gamestop carries.



I picked up 4 packs of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards over the past two weekends, here are a few of the non duplicates!



I grabbed this guy for free from GameStop, to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon each month of 2016 you can pick up a free Mythical Pokemon card and claim it in game!



Also as part of the 20th anniversary are new plushes and figures, so far I have been able to pick up these two.





Another Brian K. Vaughan graphic novel, this trade covers the entire series as it was a short run. I am only about a quarter way through but this is already turning out to be a fantastic story.


What was I up to this week? #Zelda #Ocarinaoftime #Sagacomic @TokyoGhoul

I am currently playing through Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, I just cleared the Fire Temple and am about to enter the Ice Cavern. I can totally see why everyone loves this game, it really changed the game (no pun intended) for open world adventure games and I have found myself spending more time exploring and collecting items such as Gold Skulltula’s than I originally thought I would.

That said I need to focus and make my way through the game at a quicker pace if I ever plan on proceeding with Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker etc..



Right after getting Epona, thank goodness for the extra speed!


A little Fire Temple action, notice the Biggoron sword?


We finally sat down and put together the Majora’s Mask puzzle that I got from Club Nintendo awhile back, I am waiting on the puzzle glue to arrive but it is framed for the time being to keep it together and out of the way.


We enjoyed putting together the Majora’s Mask puzzle so much that we grabbed this Wind Waker puzzle from GameStop, I would like to grab the rest of them overtime and get them framed.


Saga volume three arrived damaged so I had to wait for another shipment, now that I have one in good shape I can continue on with the series.


After finishing Preacher volume 1 I started reading Tokyo Ghoul to fill the void while waiting on Saga as mentioned above, I have some complaints about the first volume such as the slow pace and the over reliance on “over acting” that is commonly found in most Anime but perhaps that is the norm for Manga.

Not all is bad though as I found myself getting interested in the story towards the end of the first volume and will start reading volume 2 this week.

December & January… so far.

The last two months so far have been really busy for me due to a new position at work, that however has not kept me from the hunt as seen below but first an update on things.

I will make an effort this year to post more frequently because that makes more sense than posting these giant image updates every 2-4 months, if I post more frequently you the reader have more reason to frequent the site and smaller updates do not take several hours of taking pictures, editing and posting like these larger posts tend to take. I also plan to be more active on social media like my Twitter page and have created an Instagram account to post to, most people prefer that type of medium for sharing images rather than the old blog style approach. 🙂

Nothing new to report on the Game Music stream but I did manage to track down a server stability issue related to a faulty video card that finally died, the new card has shown that the previous oddities experienced were not in fact driver related but instead faulty hardware that was causing the random restarts.

Additionally the internet connection should be more stable, after experiencing some connectivity problems the provider came out and replaced all of the Fiber equipment as well as correcting a problem with the termination of the main connections cabling that could have been causing micro stutters in the stream due to an inconsistent link between the main terminal and the router.

And now the recent pickups,


The Shovel Knight Amiibo, I was excited to hear that this would be the first true third party Amiibo release and it also unlocks some cool features for what is in my opinion the best “old” new game to come from the resurgence of classic styled newer games.


One of the games I got for Christmas, I am ashamed to admit that I have not completed a Zelda game since A Link to the Past, I plan to change this and have started this classic and am having a lot of fun. Once completed I plan to play them in order up through the release of Zelda for the WiiU, hopefully I can stay on track and get it done!


Another Christmas gift, I really should start this soon as I have read that the main campaign is rather long but fantastic.


I had been waiting to get this but decided to jump in once the SSB announcement made it clear that this now out of print game would be scarce and before the rumored re release that lacks the original game hit the shelves making the first release that much harder to find.


The recently released McDonalds Pokemon set, I was lucky enough to get the entire set in one visit as they uncharacteristically had gotten all figures in a single shipment instead of being spread out across weeks of deliveries!



I finally got my Mario Maker 7 button pin set from Best Buy which was part of a promotion they had last year, this was a no-brainer since I buy all of my new games from Best Buy anyway for the Gamers Club discount.


I can’t believe that I got this rare Animal Crossing Amiibo card binder from our local Nintendo rep, this and the other Nintendo related items below were picked up at a local Best Buy during the “Sunday Funday” event to promote Yo-Kai Watch and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.


I am not quite done with series 1 but plan to trade to bring in the cards that I am missing in the set.







IMG_1140 (1)



Nice posters, most of which are double sided. I need to pick up some frames for the game room and plan to rotate similarly sized posters in a single frame to provide some variety.


Saga Volume Two really picked up and fleshed out the characters back story’s, I am looking forward to Volume Three.


Really interesting read if not a bit too bleak at times, definitely not for everyone or those who are squeamish, Volume 2 starts a new story centered around a family that runs a horse ranch.


I am almost done with Preacher Book One, defiantly an interesting story however I feel that things won’t truly pick up until Books Two or Three, a lot of build up in this one.