Recent finds.

Two weekends ago I found a local game store that specializes in classic/retro games called RU Game, they have three locations in my general area so last weekend I stopped by two of those locations to see what I could find. They honestly have a little bit of everything including some commons for the SMS , TG16 and plenty of Famicom, Super Famicom imports but sadly no copies of Earthbound or the like.  🙁

I was able to pick up a few games missing from my collection but next time I plan on heading in with a wanted list so I have an objective and am not lost in the piles and piles of games available trying to make a decision.  🙂



This weekend I actually picked up a Sony Wega KV-36HS500 with matching stand which I spotted on Craigslist for $25 in amazing condition. This T.V went in another room where I will be placing some of my later “retro” consoles such as the PS2, GC, Wii and Dreamcast.

I should have pictures up this weekend.

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