More Sega Master System games incoming.

Keeping with my mission of getting the top games for the SMS before I move on to another console I purchased a handful of games from a seller about a week ago in the U.K and should get them shortly.

The following is what is incoming along with youtube links to gameplay videos, all impressions have been gathered via online resources as I have not played any of these games previously for more then a few minutes if at all.

Golden Axe Warrior: I had never really heard of or noticed this one before but many consider it a well done Zelda 1 clone with better graphics.

The Lucky Dime Caper starring Donald Duck:  A solid platformer that compares to the Mickey Mouse games and is also similar to it’s counterpart Quakshot on the Genesis.

The Lion King: Keeping with the tradition of solid Disney games on Sega consoles this is another fun platformer.

Psycho Fox:  I have read that to enjoy this game you have to play it long enough to acclimate yourself to the strange controls, it looks pretty promising from videos.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Everyone knows about Sonic, this version is supposed to be a different game altogether from the Genesis version. I have even read of others going so far as to prefer the Master System Sonic games to their 16-Bit cousins.

Sonic Chaos: The third and final Sonic game for the Master System.

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