Shoutcast update.

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the stream, it seems the updates resolved the crashing issues but I will continue to keep an eye on things just to be sure.

On the music front I purged the audio files down from over 13k files to just under 900 and then again to 712 audio files. As of now there is a pretty solid collection of tracks for the SMS, Genesis, NES, SNES, TG16, and various remixes such as the Smashing Live concert and some OCREMIX content. In the coming weeks I plan on adding more content for the TG16, some additional remixes and I would like to also branch out to some CD based audio for the Sega-CD etc.. As always please post requests, opinions etc. on the forums so that I can improve things for you the listeners.

The playingcollecting side of things has been fairly slow as of late but I am going to start focusing on gathering up all of the Alex Kidd titles so expect some updates on those soon!




2 thoughts on “Shoutcast update.

  1. DJ ThDarKnight

    I have All the Real Game Music Files from the Game’s them selfs that it use, like Sega Genesis – .VGZ, Gameboy – .GBS, GameBoy Advance – .GSF SNES – .SPC PlayStation – .PSF, & PlayStation 2 – .PSF2. I have even the CodePack that Winamp need to play them, well the Plug-ins. So I can Listen to them. I can Loop All of them set they are very cool controls in the plug-ins. The file size is Way smaller than the normal MP3. Like Sega Genesis – .VGZ is about “Sonic_the_Hedgehog” .318K, Gameboy – .GBS is “Super Mario Land”.32.6K, GameBoy Advance – .GSF is “Dragon Ball – Advanced Adventure” .805k 1meg to 10megs, SNES – .SPC is “Donkey Kong Country” .465k, PlayStation – .PSF is FF7 808k, & last PlayStation 2 – .PSF2 “Kingdom Hearts” is 20megs. you get the point. Ohh one more thing the Sounds Even better than the system. it really cool. I am very new to the hole streaming music, but I want to do it & help you out. If you are interesting on helping me or If I can help you E-mail me. I can send you a copy of the game music in the e-mail to if you would like just to show you that I have it.

    Anyways I really like that you are doing.

    A Fan Thank you. Gamer’s will never die.


  2. Haggar Post author

    Thank you DJ, I currently have all of the music being played in original format and only use MP3 in cases of unstable plugins. This is an ongoing project that will continually be worked on and adjusted as time goes by, VGM\Chip Tunes is definitively something I enjoy to a great degree.

    I hope to launch multiple streams in the near future to represent the various stages of gaming, 8-bit, 16-bit. 32, etc..

    Thanks you for listening!



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