Wallpaper of the month for May!

Wallpaper of the month

An awesome wallpaper I found online that represents characters from the classic Sega consoles.

“All wallpapers are found at random online, in cases where I can find the original creator I will recognize the individual and link to their site if possible. If you find that your work has been posted here and would like to receive credit please send me an email and I will gladly do so.”

One thought on “Wallpaper of the month for May!

  1. Buenn dia desde Vime de Sababria ! Estoy fastidiado en el curro asi que he tomado lla decision de navegar
    a su pagina desde mii movil durante el descanso.
    Me agrada la info que introduces aqui y no puedo a llegar a mi
    apartamento para echar una ojeada. Estoy alucinado
    de lo facil quee tu weblog carga en mi movil … No estoy sirviendome de WIFI, nada mas que 3G..
    De todas formas, asombroso pagina web!


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