Another batch of games arrived!

I picked up a couple more games recently but was at a conference and could not post them until today, joining the collection is Kenseiden a game that I have yet to play and R-Type a game that I played as a kid in the arcades.

Kenseiden: Released for the Sega Master System in 1988, it is a side scrolling hack n slash similar to Castlevania for the NES. I haven’t tried the game yet but online reviews seem to be above average so as a Castlevania fan I am definitively looking forwarding to popping it in for a session.


R-Type: Released as an arcade port for the Sega Master System in 1988, it is a side scrolling space shooter that has you facing alien life forms known as Bydo which look eerily similar to the Xenomorphs found in the Alien movies. I played the game in the arcade as a kid and loved it so I was definitely looking forward to getting this in the mail, I was not disappointed whatsoever and was very impressed to see the game be so close to the original considering the hardware.

The game stands out to me from others in the genre from the period due to the power pod which you can position on either side of the ship to act as a shield and to shoot in either direction, you can also shoot it out ahead or behind the ship to target specific objects such as turrets

I will say that R-Type on the Turbo Grafx 16 is pretty much better in every way, neither are arcade perfect but this version gets much closer to the arcade original.


Check out the video below comparing the different versions of the game.


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