Shoutcast updates, yep got some right here.

I have continued to adjust the game stream in order to offer the best retro gaming stream possible. Starting a few weeks back I converted all audio files to a high quality MP3 format instead of having multiple file types from the the various consoles, while the purists may cringe at the thought.. the difference cannot be noticed over a Shoutcast stream and it prevents the many crashes/lock ups and other issues I have seen due to the handful of plug-ins I was using to keep everything native.

Once that was done I started hand picking choice songs one console at a time, which means over the past few weeks I have individually listened to thousands of tracks in order to select the best available and to greatly narrow down the play-list, as of right now I have completed NES, Genesis, SMS & TG16 systems and am currently in the process of sorting through the thousand plus tracks for the SNES.

Yesterday I removed all plug-ins and built a new play-list from the recently converted and hand selected tracks, as soon as I have wrapped up with the SNES selection I will be adding those to the list. From there I plan to branch out and add more TG16 tracks and perhaps look into other consoles from the era.

Beyond that what are peoples thoughts on some additions from the 32-Bit era of consoles?

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