Latest finds!

This past weekend I hit up several local area flea markets and was able to snag up a handful of games and miscellaneous items, nothing rare by any stretch but they were all items that I was missing and for around $55 for everything shown not a bad deal.

Shown below are,

  • StarTropics 1 & 2 I never got to play as a kid so am looking forward to giving these forgotten Nintendo classics a shot.
  • Milon’s Secret Castle a fun goofy game that I played briefly with a cousin when I was a kid.
  • Dino Riki is another game from my childhood, insanely difficult and aggravating!
  • Astyanax and Abadox I have never played but have read good things about them.
  • Kasumi Ninja I had to grab because one never sees Jaguar games around where I live.
  • Aladdin, how do I not already own this fantastic game?
  • Batman Returns, not the best game around but solid.
  • Decap Attack a classic Genesis platformer that I missed.
  • Jurassic Park was one that I played as a kid and enjoyed at the time.
  • James Buster Douglas Boxing was never a Punch Out but I enjoyed it when I rented it from the local video store.
  • Who Shot Johnny Rock and Prize Fighter, another couple games I grabbed as Sega CD is impossible to find around here.
  • The Arcade Power Stick, what a great stick back in the day!
  • The Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 guides were $2.00 each, how could I turn that down?
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns guide, I simply grabbed this as it was only a few dollars more when purchased with a Fallout New Vegas guide that my son wanted.



IMG_3764 IMG_3761 IMG_3765 IMG_3770

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