How do you manage and track your growing game collection?

At some point all collectors ask themselves “how do I keep track of and manage my ever growing collection”?

Luckily for us game collectors we have quite a few options to help us manage our collection and wanted lists, the below options range from free online game trackers to paid desktopmobile apps with online sync capabilities.

  • Game Collector: This is the one that I have used for years, while it costs money it provides the most pure collecting feature set of any of it’s competitors. Game Collector is software you install on your local computer and when combined with their mobile software and cloud syncing it presents a robust tool for tracking your collection, when I get a new game instead of typing in the name I simply use the mobile app to scan the bar code of the game and once synced to the cloud it shows up on my desktop. If there is a negative it is that they have yet to release a Mac version of the software when the rest of their software lineup already has Mac revisions.


  • Retro Collect: This is the best of the online only free  services in my opinion, with a heavy U.K influence it is more game community than simple tracker, with strong community features such as forums, guides, game reviews, a podcast, and the ability to post pictures of your collection this one is hard to beat for a classic gaming enthusiasts but sadly there is no way to scan bar codes or import pre existing data.


  • VGCollect: Created by’s own MadK this site focuses on a strong database of games and a clean interface, while it may not be as feature rich as Retro Collect it does have a very active forum community.


  • Darkadia: While I have not used this online tool much it does have a nice OS X like interface that displays the games in your collection on shelves similar to iBooks.


  • RF Generation: Another online game collection tool with a solid forum community and decent community blogs from it’s members.


  • The Backloggery: Tracking with a twist, instead of simply keeping tabs on your collection you can also log what games you have beaten and to what extent for those completionists out there.


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