What was I up to this week? #Zelda #Ocarinaoftime #Sagacomic @TokyoGhoul

I am currently playing through Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, I just cleared the Fire Temple and am about to enter the Ice Cavern. I can totally see why everyone loves this game, it really changed the game (no pun intended) for open world adventure games and I have found myself spending more time exploring and collecting items such as Gold Skulltula’s than I originally thought I would.

That said I need to focus and make my way through the game at a quicker pace if I ever plan on proceeding with Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker etc..



Right after getting Epona, thank goodness for the extra speed!


A little Fire Temple action, notice the Biggoron sword?


We finally sat down and put together the Majora’s Mask puzzle that I got from Club Nintendo awhile back, I am waiting on the puzzle glue to arrive but it is framed for the time being to keep it together and out of the way.


We enjoyed putting together the Majora’s Mask puzzle so much that we grabbed this Wind Waker puzzle from GameStop, I would like to grab the rest of them overtime and get them framed.


Saga volume three arrived damaged so I had to wait for another shipment, now that I have one in good shape I can continue on with the series.


After finishing Preacher volume 1 I started reading Tokyo Ghoul to fill the void while waiting on Saga as mentioned above, I have some complaints about the first volume such as the slow pace and the over reliance on “over acting” that is commonly found in most Anime but perhaps that is the norm for Manga.

Not all is bad though as I found myself getting interested in the story towards the end of the first volume and will start reading volume 2 this week.

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