Latest amiibo arrivals! #amiibo #nintendo #animalcrossing #supersmashbros #streetfighter #fireemblem

I was able to grab the latest round of amiibo, the Smash lineup is almost done so it will be interesting to see what Nintendo does moving forward. I doubt that we will see many more Animal Crossing figures (where is Cousteau?) but we will likely see a ton of new Zelda figures when Zelda […]

Zelda & Mega Man return! #Zelda #TwiLightPrincess #twilightprincesshd #MegaMan #megamanlegacycollection #amiibo

Several weeks have gone by since my last post and a few new items have arrived, don’t forget to check me out on both Twitter and Instagram as I post there frequently with updates on my Zelda journey! Twilight Princess HD, many people see this as their favorite game in the series. I can’t wait […]

Wave 5B, 6A and 8-bit Mario Amiibo arrived! #Amiibo #Nintendo

Another round of Amiibo has arrived and we are one step closer to completing the Super Smash Bros. lineup, once Nintendo has completed that line I hope there will be a breather with the occasional releases to coincide with a game. 🙂 As of now I have decided not to get into the Animal Crossing […]