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October & November pickups!

As usual I have had a busy past couple of months, some recent pickups outlined here with another post most likely next weekend!


My lovely wife always thinks of me when she is out, she saw these and knew I did not have them so picked them up.


25th anniversary Sonic pack, I love the fat Sonic items released in celebration of the franchise!


I was one of the lucky few to have picked up a NES Classic Edition, luck really. I woke up the morning of release really early and checked all of the local retailers websites to see if any online orders were available and surprisingly was able to purchase with in-store pickup at my local Toys R Us. Somehow my purchase was still available at 6:00 PM that night, amazing.

img_2403 img_2405

The latest set of Nintendo Hotwheels, this set was much easier to find than previous releases.


This was on sale for less than $12.00 so why not, even given the latest New Leaf update this was worth it for the price.

Major bsnes release!

My favorite SNES emulator bsnes was recently updated to v087 and now fully supports all of the SNES’s coprocessors which means that bnes can now claim to be the only SNES emulator with “100% known compatibility with all officially released games”.

Per the release notes on the site,


  • emulated the 21.47MHz ST018 (ARMv3) coprocessor used by Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi 2
  • fixed PPU TM/TS edge case; fixes bottom scanline of text boxes in Moryo Senki Madara 2
  • fixed saving and loading of Super Game Boy save RAM
  • NEC uPD7725,96050 ROMs now stored in little-endian format for consistency
  • cartridge folder concept has been reworked to use fixed file names
  • added emulation of serial USART interface (replaces asynchronous UART support previously)