Gaming Setup!

I finally got around to taking pictures of my gaming setup(s), the images are not the best quality due to lighting issues and things are a bit of a mess organizational wise but here they are.

Main gaming room: Please click images for full-size versions.





Games: TG16/PC Engine, PS1, NeoGeo-CD, 3DO, Jaguar, etc.

Turbo Express fully re-capped, original model PS VITA

36 inch Sony Wega capable of 480p, shelves above store console duplicates & console variants such as Sega CdX, JVC X’eye, etc.

Pelican Universal System Selector Pro, Atari Jaguar, Turbo Duo fully re-capped, 3DO

Neo-Geo CD

Model 1 Genesis, Model 2 Sega-CD, 32x

Sega Master System

Denon Audio Receiver (will be getting a 2.1 speaker setup in the near future), Sony VCR


Model 1 GenesisModel 1 Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast

NES, SNES, N64, Pelican Universal System Selector Pro (I am going to Retrobrite the NES and SNES in the near future)

Finally! A working Model 1 Sega CD! /happy dance

Scart-Converter_Fotor Scart-Switch_Fotor

Scart setup using a scart switch and scart to component converter currently utilized by my main Genesis setup and SNES, will add Saturn etc. later.


The main shelves.


IMG_0933 IMG_0932

IMG_0935 IMG_0934



IMG_0940 IMG_0941

IMG_0942 IMG_0943

Random game shots to make them easier to read.


SegaFigures4_Fotor SegaFigures3_Fotor



Figures and misc. stuff everywhere, most of these will be moved to their own shelf soon which will be purchased to house the upcoming Amiibo’s. I have some of the new “World of Nintendo” lineup but am missing a few pieces still such as Bowser. Also looking to get a better variety of Sega related figures, hopefully branching out into the non Sonic franchises but they seem to be difficult to track down these days.

Gaming PC:  i7-4770k @ 4ghz, 16 gig memory, GTX 770, Samsung EVO 840, Windows 8.1

“Daily driver” PC: Intel Q9650 @ 3ghz, 8 gig memory, HD 4870, Samsung 470, OS X Mavericks

Swans M10 speakers and dual Samsung 22 in monitors, I need to add new monitors to the top brackets.

Setup #2:

Setup-Room2-2_Fotor Setup-Room2_Fotor

36 inch Sony Wega CRT capable of 1080i, the shelf houses HD-DVD’s, Wii, Game Cube, PS2, Xbox, and Xbox 360 games.

PS2, Wii, TV Receiver

Xbox 360 with HD-DVD drive and video switch.

Candy Cab:


Neo Candy MVS-U4 arcade cabinet in a temporary location.

Setup #3:

LR-1_Fotor LR_Fotor

Samsung 65 inch TV

PS4, WiiU, PS3, DVR, Pioneer Elite series Audio Receiver and Athena speakers.

Drawers contain games for the above consoles with the boxes below storing controllers and a controller charging station.


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