Links to some of my favorite places on the web,

Classic Gaming Sites

  • Atari Age | Bringing you the latest Atari news and providing a great Atari community.
  • Chrotendo | Plays Nintendo games in chronological order.
  • Hardcore Gaming 101 | One of my favorite sites with tons of in depth articles on classic gaming.
  • racket Boy | A great site featuring quality “best of” lists and a forum community that beats most.
  • Sega8Bit | Great web site and forums dedicated to the Sega Master System
  • Sega-16 | The best site on the internet dedicated to Sega’s 16-bit console!
  • SMS Power | A website dedicated to Sega’s 8-bit systems.

Classic Gaming Stores

  • Atari Age | Online store for Atari hardware, games and homebrews etc.
  • Retro Gaming Cables | Online store which provides custom cables for classic consoles.
  • Retro Game Cave | Game console repair, game cart battery replacement & home of the Sega Trio AC adapters.
  • R.U Game? | Game store with several brick and mortar locations and a growing online offline.
  • | Online store for and by retro gamers.
  • Trade-N-Games | Brick and mortal as well as online store for retro games.

Classic Gaming Youtube Channels

  • Game Sack | One of the most comprehensive channels covering a wide range of classic consoles and games.
  • HappyConsoleGamer | Great classic game reviews and retrospectives that are delivered with a level of excitement rarely seen on youtube.
  • MichaelBtheGameGenie | A great channel with good top 10 lists and individual game coverage.
  • Sega-16 | Various videos from the best Sega Genesis web site on the internet.

Classic Gaming Podcasts

  • Back in my Play | Each episode focuses on the positive aspects of a classic game with touches of game collecting while in Japan.
  • 8-4 Play | Is a game localization company out of Tokyo, their podcast provides interesting insight into Japan and the Japanese game industry.
  • RetroCollect FM | A round table discussion that focuses on a specific game series or console for each episode with an always interesting U.K perspective.
  • Retro Rejects | An awesome podcast that discusses classic gaming and 80’s pop culture.
  • Factory Sealed | A group of retro gamers that choose a game to play then discuss it the following week.
  • Video Game Rescue | Classic gaming and collecting with a bit of focus on shmups.

3 thoughts on “Links

  1. David

    Now, I don’t want to suggest you go get this stuff right away, but I found your site though tunin, and I really like what I’m hearing. Thing is, I also heard some strange errors and skips.

    I’d like to help improve your streams, so I’m going to leave some resources.

    Foobar has support for a surprising amount of the video game formats, even formats I haven’t heard of. And of course, who could forget this classic place?


    1. Haggar Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions, I spent months tracking down a stability issue with the stream which seems to have finally been resolved. Now to move on to improving the quality of the tracks available, aim of course to be quality over quantity.


      1. Foshizzzle

        Omg I live playingtheclassics
        You’ve done a amazing job… it’s currently not working and I wish it did… I have it set with my alarm clock. If you can fix it and put in name of tracks would be dope.. thank you for your prefect tracks


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