More additions to the recent Nintendo avalanche!

It has been ages since I posted last so here is a giant image dump of Amiibo and other assorted gaming goodness. Forgive the quality of some of the pictures, my photography game is weak.

Tomorrow I head to NYC so expect more images of the Nintendo World Store and the like soon, you will see more frequent updates via Twitter and then a blog post after I get back.


Chibi Robo, great character with sometimes not so great games.






Seriously reason enough to own a WiiU!



Lots of Yoshi!! Wooly World is fantastic!

IMG_0380 IMG_0383



This is my first Animal Crossing game, enjoying the atmosphere quite a bit!



The Animal Crossing line of Amiibo, some of the best Nintendo has done.




Mew Who?



So far I have been able to find 5 of the 6 30th Anniversary Mario Hot Wheels, hope to find the final one soon.



The official Pier Solar guide finally arrived, worth the wait as the quality of the book is way up there!



Walmart has Galaxy 2 for $19.99 and NG3 was $5.00.



Cross eyed derpy Princess Peach, for the lawls.




Wave 5B, 6A and 8-bit Mario Amiibo arrived! #Amiibo #Nintendo

Another round of Amiibo has arrived and we are one step closer to completing the Super Smash Bros. lineup, once Nintendo has completed that line I hope there will be a breather with the occasional releases to coincide with a game. 🙂

As of now I have decided not to get into the Animal Crossing cards nor if Nintendo decides to do it.. the possible avalanche of Pokemon characters.











Amiibo update! #Amiibo #WorldofNintendo #Nintendo

My latest pickup was Dark Pit the Best Buy exclusive, I was also able to pre-order the Game Stop 3-pack exclusive which will include R.O.B, Mr. Game & Watch and the Duck Hunt dog.

Below are updated pictures of the cabinet that holds both my Amiibo and World of Nintendo figures, you will see that there is no real organization to how things are displayed currently but they will likely change at least after the Smash Bros lineup has completed.










Not much happening and sad going ons.

This month we saw the sudden passing of Satoru Iwata the president & CEO of Nintendo, there isn’t much to be said that hasn’t already been touched on in the media but the Gamespot tribute video linked below did the best job of capturing just what made him special, not only as a human being but also as a game developer and CEO.

The world is defiantly a better place because of his impact and without a doubt a sadder place with his passing.


I haven’t posted much recently as I have slowed down my game collecting efforts while I play with a Raspberry Pi 2 which I have outfitted with Retropie and Recallbox using different micro SD cards. The results from this project have been fantastic so far with solid emulation up to the Playstation One, with the N64 still in need of much work. The only remaining item on my list is to tidy up some roms and to find a solution that might successful convert HDMI to Component when I wish to use the device on a CRT.

The Amiibo front has been quiet as of late with only a handful of releases that were hard to grab due to store exclusives in wave 4 and only 2 Amiibo released in wave 5, that said this is the quite before the storm as a very large wave 6 hits in September with 12 figures if you count both editions of R.O.B.

I did manage to pick up Greninja, Jigglypuff, Lucina and Palutena as shown below from waves 4 & 5.







Mega post for the past month. #Amiibo #ArcadeBlock #NES #Genesis #PhantasyStar #worldofnintendo

I haven’t posted in a little over a month so I have quite a few items to report including multiple Arcade Block shipments, game pickups and more so please read on!

  • On the non collector front I am happy to report that my first game review was recently made available on, Wonder Boy on the Sega Master System which is known to many as Adventure Island on the NES is a fantastic game and I am proud to have the review available on what has been the premier Sega fan site for over a decade!
  • The audio stream has been consitently popular since I redesigned the backend to be much more reliable, we hit a new listener peak a few weeks back with a simultaneous listener count of 378 unique listeners!


Last months Arcade Block included two shirts instead of the usual one, that said this was my least favorite block so far mostly due to my lack of interest in the FarCry shirt and the misc. items excluding the SF2 keychain were a bit lackluster in my opinion.

IMG_0099Not a bad shirt in its own right but at this point I have quite a few Majora’s Mask themed shirts already.  🙂



IMG_0131 A GameBoy themed notepad, an Atari joystick stress “ball” and a Ryu Street Fighter 2 keychain that lights up and says hadouken when pressed.


IMG_0133A Batman Arkham Knight comic book.


On the flip side this months Arcade Block stands out as being one of my favorite ones yet,

IMG_0156This months shirt was based off of Kingdom Hearts, the Disney themed action RPG series!

IMG_0161 A set of Pac-Man salt & pepper shakers and an Ignitor Skylander figure.

IMG_0164 A Video Games Live audio CD from the concert series with songs from Zelda, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, MGS etc. and a simple 8-bit themed chest bag clip on.

IMG_0167A full issue of Retro Videogame Magazine, I am definitely going to check this one out in digital format.


While at Barnes & Noble I spotted this in the bargain bin, The Art of Blizzard Entertainment typically retails for around $50.00-$75.00 but was on sale for less than the $19.99 listed. I have been keeping an eye on this for almost two years waiting for a price drop so it didn’t take much persuading for me to pick this one up.







A few game pickups!

IMG_0123A couple classics missing from my NES collection, Karnov and the Adventures of LOLO!

IMG_0160Phantasy Star II the fantastic Sci-Fi themed RPG boxed and complete with manual and the map! I hope to get the box and manual for my copy of Phantasy Star III soon for a complete set.

IMG_0124“Duck Tales Remastered” the remastering of the NES classic was on sale at Toys R Us and once combined with a gift card was only about $4.99!


A few more “World of Nintendo” figures!








I was also able to grab a couple Wave 4 Amiibo from Amazon U.K, I have all but GreninjaJigglypuff pre-ordered from a U.S retailer and hope to get those final two exclusives after release.



The final items I selected from the now closed Club Nintendo. 😦

IMG_0157 A Majora’s Mask puzzle that I will assemble and frame with my wife as soon as we locate an acceptable frame to place it in.

IMG_0170And of course the Mario bros. greeting cards…. I had some final points to spend and it was either this or Nintendogs cards.

Watermelon’s Magical Game Factory games! @watermelongames #PierSolar #SacredLine

I have been hearing about Watermelon Games and their game Pier Solar on the Sega GenesisMega Drive for some time now but unfortunately each time I would stumble upon it I would find that the game was sold out, luckily a few weeks back I found that not only was Pier Solar back in stock and available but that they had also recently published Sacred Line by Sasha Darko for the Sega GenesisMega Drive as well.

Wanting to pick up the first game to be released on the Genesis in some 10 plus years I jumped at the chance and managed to get a copy of Sacred Line as shown below.


I ordered the Sacred Line BITS (Build It Thyself) edition which comes with a game, manual, and a paper insert or cover for the standard Genesis clamshell case. I will use the clamshell from an old sports game, if you do not have one on hand you can pick one up from a local retro game shop for 1-2 dollars these days.



Pier Solar came similarly packaged but with a clamshell as well, everything was well printed and of high quality, both games included stickers that were either Watermelon themed or even one that states “To be this good takes ages”. Fantastic!




Watermelon also released a four disc OST for the game that includes remixes and unused tracks with the fourth disc being an ESD or Enhanced Soundtrack Disc that can be played in your Sega-CD while playing the game for a much improved audio experience.

This is the first time this has been done and the results are fantastic, this is how more games should have been released for the GenesisSega-CD combo when the consoles were on the store shelves!


Amiibo, Arcade Block & Sega Genesis! #Amiibo #ArcadeBlock #SegaGenesis #PhantasyStar

I received the first round of the Super Mario series of Amiibo including both Mario from Mario Party 10 and the Walmart exclusive Gold Mario which I luckily got in a local trade, I originally went to my 24-hour Walmart for the midnight release but unfortunately they only got a shipment of 4 in and finding them since has been almost impossible.




A local shop finally got Phantasy Star IV CIB and for an excellent price considering the current going rate.



This months Arcade Block which included A Link to the Past mouse pad!


Pac Man keychain, Link plushie, Sonic the Hedgehog “buildable figure” and a Star Fox coffee cup.


And this shirt, one of my favorites so far!