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It has been so long…

It has been a while since my last post, I am still playing games and collecting as always but holidays, busy season at work and a combination of newfound family and others who have moved much closer have kept our family occupied. My brother now lives close by so the long-promised podcast may see the light of day in the coming months, I am excited about this!

I also found technical issue getting in the way of my updates, my iPhone X is on the latest revision of IOS which uses a high efficiency or HEIF image format, unfortunately for me, I found that my Mac which is still running El Capitan to be incompatible with the format. ./facepalm

But now that I have worked around that kerfuffle, I wanted to get another post up with my acquisitions since the last post, many from around Christmas time. You will see a heavy Nintendo influence as the Switch continues to knock the releases out of the park, Monster Boy amongst those being one of my favorites. So difficult!!

amiibo and Totaku continue to keep trickling in, amiibo are “easy mode” for collecting these days but Totaku is worse than they were in every way, no release dates and constant delays make collecting these more hassle than they are worth in my opinion which is why I will bow out of things shortly unless a particular figure catches my eye. That said, given Gamestops financial issues might the series be doomed for cancellation?

On the streaming front my interest in micro computers, specifically the Raspberry Pi will send me down the road of using that as my platform of choice for my streaming needs, the combination of Volumio and Cherry Music should be the perfect combination for what I do, my current Pi setup using Pihole has been amazing for network wide ad blocking so looking forward to this next low power computing project!