Amiibos, Arcade Block and more!

I finally wrapped up with wave 2 of the Amiibos with all of wave 3 pre-ordered at various online retailers.





It has been a bit since I picked up some classic games so decided to grab these this weekend!



And of course Decembers Arcade Block, this was a nice month!


Sonic magnet set.


A Halo lanyard, Portal 2 scarf, Phantom Hourglass Gacha and a mini joystick for touch devices.


An awesome Smash Bros shirt!


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Amiibo, Arcade Block & Crunchy Roll!

Lots of goodies have made their way here in the past 2 weeks,  I have entered the world of Amiibo with the hopes of collecting them all.. unless of course Nintendo tries to milk the 500 or so Pokemon available along the way in which case I will stick with the main franchise characters.

Two packages arrived this week, one from Arcade Block a monthly goods subscription service. The idea is that you select a theme and each month you get random goods related to said theme, the one guarantee every month is a t-shirt.

In addition to this we also received the Crunchy Roll mystery box which contained 30 random Anime DVD’s, what you get is completely random so while there are a couple known (to me anyway) franchises in the mix there are also a bunch of very obscure titles and luckily most items that are part of a larger series started with the first in the run which saves me from needing to hunt those down before they can be viewed.







Marth I had to order from Amazon U.K and Zelda I found yesterday at my local GameStop, they still have not received any other figures from wave 2 as of today.

Most of the rest were also picked up at GameStop with the exceptions being Kirby from Amazon and Samus from Wal-Mart.



Since playing Super Mario 3D World fans have asked Nintendo for the Toad mini games to be expanded on and Nintendo listened!

I decided to pick up Pokemon Alpha Sapphire as my first foray into the series, sadly I found out that you can only have 1 game save at a time after my son started playing the game so I will have to wait for him to finish before I can start.  :(

Metroid Other M was one on my wanted list and at that price with game and packaging being in great condition I had to pick it up.



The box that Arcade Box comes shipped in, nice retro look!



Minecraft hanger, Team Fortress 2 wrapping paper, Super Mario Bros star stress “ball”, and a Dota 2 head band.



Not a bad shirt, different and maybe just a bit strange but i’ll wear it none the less.  :)




As you can see quite the eclectic selection of Anime titles, a few known quantities and plenty of new areas to explore. Any recommendations on where to start would be greatly appreciated!

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The NYC trip and the Nintendo World Store!

We spent this past week in NYC on vacation and while there we attended the Macy’s Day Parade as it was the main reason for the trip (my daughter participated). While there we managed to make several trips (more like 5) to the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center, over the course of the visits we picked up numerous items especially on Black Friday when the store was having a blow out on third party WiiU games with many games being $5 to $10 dollars each.

Sadly there wasn’t much in the way of game related balloons in this years parade, for example Sonic the Hedgehog made an appearance last year but not this year for some reason.. we got Pikachu which seems to be the case every year in recent memory as well as Eruptor from Skylanders.





As for Nintendo swag we picked up some plushies a few shirts etc. as shown below,


My daughter loves link so this is going to her.



Shirt for my wife!



I love Yoshi, so this goes to me.



My son gets the Tanooki suit Mario, my wife loves Koopa Troopas so that is hers, and I get the others. I wish they had a blue Yoshi but sadly the only color variation in stock was yellow Yoshi so I defaulted to that.



And of course the bags, what can I say… just look at that artwork.  :)


And on to the games themselves!


ZombieU was only $10.00 and the Prima guide came with it free, what an unbeatable price! Assassins Creed III was also $10.00.



Tekken Tag Tournament $5.00, Just Dance 4 $10.00, Epic Mickey 2 $5.00!


And of course some pictures of the Nintendo World Store, my apologies for the quality, the place was pretty much packed the entire week so it was hard to get a good picture between people browsing and taking pictures of their own.














IMG_1247_2 IMG_1246_2







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Nintendo, pickups, MMORPG’s and more?

It has been a busy few weeks, we have been preparing for a week long vacation in NYC over Thanksgiving amongst other things.  On the gaming front I have been busy, but have not actually played that much sadly.

I have been working on whitening a couple old NES consoles and made a few discoveries along the way, the hair creme that can be purchased over the counter does an amazing job but there are some rules that you should abide by when using it.

1. Longer is not better, I found that if you allow it to sit too long covered in creme or soaking in water to remove said creme that it will in fact start removing the painted red Nintendo logo on the front of the console

2. You MUST ensure that it does not dry out when sitting in the sun, doing so causes a blooming or splotching affect that leaves white blotches all over the shell.

3. If instead you decide to utilize a magic eraser instead of soaking the console in creme or retrobite it will to do an amazing job and will clean up a console that otherwise looked like it was ready for the dumpster, the whitening affect is there and may take several cleanings but do not expect it to be as dramatic as the creme.

If you use the creme technique my advise would be to let it sit in the sun for short sessions of 30-45 minutes.. and clean it off quickly, a little really is more in this instance. I will be writing an actual guide with pictures down the road but it does work wonders if done correctly!



My actual game time has been filled with something I never talk about on this blog, MMORPG’s… specifically World of Warcraft and the new Warlords of Draenor expansion and Guild Wars 2.




Everything about the new WOW expansion has been amazing so far, huge improvements in almost all areas of the game!





Guild Wars 2 is a wonderful MMORPG without a monthly fee, I like how it has such an open gameplay experience that focuses on exploration over the old kill 10 rats cliche.


A post would not feel right without some of my recent pickups,



The Warlords of Draenor boxed CE.


The last of the 3 & 4 inch World of Nintendo characters!


Cheap peripheals purchased for pennies so why not..


A few items from the wanted list, somehow I never managed to pick these up over the years.

I will be back and posting in a week or so, I plan to spend some time at the Nintendo World Store in Midtown and will take pictures and hopefully bring back something cool.  :)

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Diggin’ In The Carts: A Documentary Series About Japanese Video Game Music!

Red Bull Music Academy just completed a 6 part documentary series about video game music called “Diggin’ In The Carts“, this fantastic series focuses on chip tunes of the 8 and 16-bit console generations but does touch on 32-bit era game music with the introduction of cd based media in episode 6.

I cannot say enough great things about this documentary, during the course of the series director Nick Dwyer interviewed some of Japan’s most renowned game composers such as Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage), Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), and Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka (Earthbound).

This is an absolute must watch for all fans of chip tunes, please head over to the main project page linked above or watch the imbedded youtube videos below! (Episode 6 will be added when available but can also be accessed from the main project page above)



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Another round of gaming pickups.

My local Kmart has always had the best prices on their game stock but unfortunately my local store is closing so I was able to get a nice discount on top of the already low sticker prices for Castlevania Lords of Shadow, P4G and a couple Disney Infinity play “n” store shelves, from there I grabbed PilotWings 64 and a model 2 Sega Genesis from Oldschool Videogames to go with my model 2 Sega CD and 32x.

I have been unable to find the World of Nintendo Link figure locally but was able to grab the last one available on Amazon where it sites happily with the rest of the crew, now I am on the look out for Wario!






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