Watermelon’s Magical Game Factory games! @watermelongames #PierSolar #SacredLine

I have been hearing about Watermelon Games and their game Pier Solar on the Sega Genesis\Mega Drive for some time now but unfortunately each time I would stumble upon it I would find that the game was sold out, luckily a few weeks back I found that not only was Pier Solar back in stock and available but that they had also recently published Sacred Line by Sasha Darko for the Sega Genesis\Mega Drive as well.

Wanting to pick up the first game to be released on the Genesis in some 10 plus years I jumped at the chance and managed to get a copy of Sacred Line as shown below.


I ordered the Sacred Line BITS (Build It Thyself) edition which comes with a game, manual, and a paper insert or cover for the standard Genesis clamshell case. I will use the clamshell from an old sports game, if you do not have one on hand you can pick one up from a local retro game shop for 1-2 dollars these days.



Pier Solar came similarly packaged but with a clamshell as well, everything was well printed and of high quality, both games included stickers that were either Watermelon themed or even one that states “To be this good takes ages”. Fantastic!




Watermelon also released a four disc OST for the game that includes remixes and unused tracks with the fourth disc being an ESD or Enhanced Soundtrack Disc that can be played in your Sega-CD while playing the game for a much improved audio experience.

This is the first time this has been done and the results are fantastic, this is how more games should have been released for the Genesis\Sega-CD combo when the consoles were on the store shelves!


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Amiibo, Arcade Block & Sega Genesis! #Amiibo #ArcadeBlock #SegaGenesis #PhantasyStar

I received the first round of the Super Mario series of Amiibo including both Mario from Mario Party 10 and the Walmart exclusive Gold Mario which I luckily got in a local trade, I originally went to my 24-hour Walmart for the midnight release but unfortunately they only got a shipment of 4 in and finding them since has been almost impossible.




A local shop finally got Phantasy Star IV CIB and for an excellent price considering the current going rate.



This months Arcade Block which included A Link to the Past mouse pad!


Pac Man keychain, Link plushie, Sonic the Hedgehog “buildable figure” and a Star Fox coffee cup.


And this shirt, one of my favorites so far!


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New Amiibo cabinet!

I decided that I needed a new proper display case to hold my Amiibo collection, the cabinet is a Detolf and the lights are Dioder both from Ikea. The riser that the Amiibo are sitting on is an Azar from Amazon, the combination looks really nice and clean and allows plenty of room to grow the collection moving forward. What are you displaying your Amiibo in?




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Another week of Amiibo and games.

This past week has been a busy one, last weekend I made numerous stops at local game stores looking for a few games to add to my collection. Then this week I completely retooled the streaming setup in an attempt to move away from Winamp feeding the audio to Shoutcast to something more reliable and robust, I believe I have found the proper tool in Mixxx which is an open source DJ software with tons of features that I was missing before such as volume normalization and in my opinion much improved sound quality.

Please let me know if you notice any audio issues and I will investigate, now on to the games!


Unfortunately I was unable to get the limited edition New 3DS Majora’s Mask bundle even though I had pre ordered it from Best Buy, it was canceled a week later as preorder numbers exceeded the available stock. On the upside they gave me a $50 gift card for the trouble which I promptly used to preorder the regular edition.



With a New 3DS in hand I of course had to pick up the new Majora’s Mask 3D, along with it I had preordered the new Kirby and having never played any of the Walking Dead games and being a fan of the show I thought it was the proper time to start the series.



Somehow “A Link to the Past” was not apart of my collection and since no game stores near me ever have a copy I took the opportunity to grab it while it was available, along with it the remastered edition of Final Fantasy 1 & 2!




More Amiibo arrived, Rosalina took forever as one shipped from France and the other Japan with both seeing big shipping delays, thanks winter storms! The other Amiibo include Ike, Meta Knight, Lucario and King Dedede.



I was able to grab tickets for “The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses” concert coming up later this year (they were selling out fast), we cannot wait.. it should be amazing!




On the gaming front I have been playing mostly MMO’s this week including WOW, Star Trek Online and Final Fantasy XIV.. they are all fantastic games in their own ways.

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